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About Us

The history of Arrowhead Home Services and Al Navarro

Al Navarro

Beginning in 1954, my parents purchased a lakefront home on Palisades Drive, where my family spent weekends, holidays and summer vacations. At the early age of four years old, I learned to love the mountains and Lake Arrowhead where I learned to swim, boat, water ski, sail, snow ski an hike. I also learned to ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes. I truly love our local communities.

In 1970, while on summer break from college, where I was majoring in Engineering and Architectural Design, I came to the lake to help my dad rebuild our dock as a summer project. When the dock was finished, my dad went to leave and I asked if I could stay a few more weeks. Well – 39 years later, I am still here.

In 1973, after working for two other home maintenance businesses, I decided to start “Al’s Window Service”. My window cleaning service kept me very busy during summer months and during winter months I worked on the Ski Patrol at Snow Valley. In 1980, when the new Lake Arrowhead Village construction was completed, I worked with the construction company doing the construction cleanup on the hundreds of glass windows for the village and Lake Arrowhead Hilton (Now the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa). As the years went on, my accounts grew in numbers and so did the size of my business and crew. To fill the need for reliable home services, I expanded my business in 1996 to include housekeeping and yard maintenance in addition to the window cleaning services that we provided for many years.

Today, we have included many additional services to provide a convenient “one stop shop” to provide excellent service to our clients. To find out how we can make your life easier, please contact us.